Two best friends navigate the curious, the depraved and the criminal.

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Surprise it's a another low key chitchat episode! This ones gets way random as the ladies sit outside and enjoy the South Georgia summer. Cheers!

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Just another conversation between the ladies. The adventures continue while Angela is visiting Donna.

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Angela made it to Georgia and Donna made it through two surgeries. The ladies have an informal chat sitting outside battling the bugs and heat.  Sit back, relax and maybe you will laugh a little.

***Explicit Language***

In this this weeks low key episode this ladies talk about Angela's upcoming trip down south and Donna's impending surgery along with other life events and stories. This is what we call a bullshit episode not a researched or heavy topic. Enjoy, because we sure did!

In this weeks episode the ladies discuss the death of football mom, Tamla Horsford. Angela walks us through the events of an adult sleepover that ended with Tamla's tragic death. Was it murder or an accident?

In this weeks episode join the ladies as Donna tells a few ghost stories from South Georgia. Not only will you get a few ghost stories, but also a lot of theory and opinions. Also, you know you will current updates on life at home.

Look for more ghost story episodes in the near future.


Haunted South Georgia, Author: Jim Miles

***Explicit Language***

Yet Another Low Key Episode!!! Catch up with Angela and Donna as they are muddling through the days. Sit back and prepare to laugh and even hear some serious talk at times. Hope everyone is well. 

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Join Angela and Donna in this week's official episode the ladies discuss Dr. Jack Kevorkian and the current Death with Dignity laws in the United States. This episodes is especially poignant to Donna due to life experience. 


Documentary "You don't Know Jack" "The Trials of Dr. Jack Kevorkian"

Wikipedia search Jack Kevorkian 



***explicit language***

Join Donna and Angela in yet again another low key episode with a side of listener questions.  In this episode the ladies talk about everything from trips to the forest, opinions on crimes and even suggest a few podcast they listen to.  Side note this episode has a good bit of us talking over each other because well we get excited when we talk to each other. Sit back and enjoy and most importantly stay safe! 

***Explicit Language***

This week the ladies revisit the North Country of New York for two more tales of murder and mayhem. Catch up with Angela and Donna to see how the ladies are doing and they even briefly have a third host, when Maisie makes a special appearance to talk about her new pet. Just keeping it real in these times, and parenthood never stops.


Murder &Mayhem in Jefferson County, Author: Cheri L. Farnsworth